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Enjoy friendly and competitive tennis matches with Temba Sports. 

Start your sports journey with one of the most popular racket-based sport of all time. Bring your racket, gather your friends, serve and slam in our indoor courts! 

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Playing badminton in Qatar

Find Badminton courts for rent in Qatar

Playing badminton is a great way to keep you active and physically fit, whatever your age or ‏level of abilities in this sport. There are a lot of fun serves and fascinating techniques you can learn and practice while enjoying your time with your friends. 

Grab your rackets now and learn to smash like a pro!

Discover the best Badminton Courts in Qatar with Temba Sports.

Check out our facilities at Al Rayyan and Qatar Sports clubs in Doha. 

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Where To Play ?


Qatar Sport Club

Centrally located in the heart of Westbay, QSC has 3 large and complete multi-hall facilities ideal to play your favorite sports, book your events, or group classes. Surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops, it’s the most popular destination for drive-thru dining.
Open 365days|  24/7 | Play 5×5 | 6X6

+ 974 33337623


Located in a prime location close to The Mall of Qatar and Metro Station (Al Riffa). Available 2 large multi-sports halls to suit your sports needs.
Open 365 days | 24/7 | Play 5×5 | 6X6

+ 974 33337623

Temba offers a wide range of sports services and sports facilities for different activities so you can play, have fun and keep active.

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