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  1. All members agree to only use the facilities for the activities of which they requested. The conduct of all members and spectators while on Temba property shall be the responsibility of the renter. Failure by any individual or group to follow all applicable rules and regulations will be cause for immediate eviction. Temba retains the right to evict uncooperative persons from the premises. Repeated violations may result in denial of future rental requests.
  2. Temba reserves the right to close facilities at any time due to weather conditions if deemed dangerous to person(s) or damaging to the facilities.
  3. Temba is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of or to property. The members accept all responsibility for any injury to person(s) or property, or loss or damage to property or theft of personal property in Temba facilities during the rental period.
  4. Temba is not responsible for any members’ injury during and/or outside of any reserved event’s. The members accept all responsibility for any injury to person(s) and are obligated to have access to personal liability insurance and doctors permission if medically necessary, prior to using any facilities with Temba.
  5. The payment is due in full and should be honored within 48 hours of the reservation’s date.
  6. In the event a cancellation is made by either party more than 48 hours before the scheduled use of the facilities, Temba will collect a 50% cancelation fee and the remaining rental fee and deposit will be returned. If members cancel at any point after the 48 hour period, Temba will not allow any form of reimbursement of the rental fee.
  7. Smoking: All Temba facilities are non-smoking, and we request, and will enforce, strict observance of this regulation.
  8. Alcohol: Possession of, drinking, and/or anything related to alcohol is strictly prohibited in and around Temba facilities. In accordance with Qatari Law, any members who do not abide by this regulation will be referred to the appropriate authorities.
  9. Clean Up: The premises must be left in the same condition as found at the beginning of the rental period. All food, beverages, equipment and rented supplies must be removed from the premises immediately after each use of the facility and no later than the exit time stated on the contract, or the renter will be charged an excess fee.
  10. Any displays, floral arrangements, decorations, musical equipment, and so on, must be approved by Temba before set up.
  11. TembaSports may at times take media images (moving and still) of guests and use content which can include these images to enhance and illustrate our media applications. Temba Sports ensures that these are safe, respectful, and solely for the use of which they are intended, which is to promote or advertise Temba Sports; These may be included in our printed publications; adverts; audiovisual and electronic materials; website, social media platforms, media work, and any other media we may use in the future. For more information please contact info@temba.me.
  12. Temba reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time without prior notice.
  13. Basketball hoops, Volleyball nets and posts are provided by Temba Sport Services. Sporting balls (for basketball, volleyball, handball and futsal) are provided by Temba Sport services.
  14. Sandwiches, dry snacks, water and box juices are accepted at the field by Temba.

Temba offers a wide range of sports services and sports facilities for different activities so you can play, have fun and keep active.

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